Self-employment Research

To help build a service the supports community and fair opportunities

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Employment status, you are currently?
What would your ideal working circumstances be?
What is your professional role?
What level of experience do you have in your field?
What’s the biggest challenge you face as a creative professional?
What would you like to focus on more?
Setting up a system to effectively work remotely
Innovate new ways to problem-solve and build my practice
Learning new software solutions and technologies
Growth strategy to establish my business in the market
Mental health by assigning time for personal development
Communication and being confident to talk with clients
Helping to enrich my community and support my local industry
How do you advertise your skills/promote your services?
How does communicating with clients online compare to in-person?
What do you find most challenging when working for yourself?
Challenges when working for yourself:
How challenging is it for you to find clients/buyers?
How challenging do you find connecting with other local creatives?
How challenging is it to find with professionals who share your values?
Do you use any of the following services?
What do you like about current self-employment platforms?
What don't you like about current self-employment platforms?
Does collaborating online with other professionals give you fulfilment?
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